Wedding DJ - Emcees

Cincinnati and Northern KY

DJ JonJon

Jon Curl, known professionally as JonJon, is an on-air radio personality at Q102 in Cincinnati.           In addition to being a professional radio              host, Jon is a professional mobile DJ,                 perfect for wedding receptions and                   corporate events. Jon is as fun, personable      and quick witted as he is professional.

On Air Radio Personality

DJ Ryan

 Spend just a few minutes with Ryan and you        will understand why he is one of our most 

   popular weddings DJs. He is passionate about music and about creating the perfect           atmosphere for guests of all ages. Ryan is a          professional Emcee and will use the skills he

      learned in the Armed Forces to guide and           direct your event.

Ryan Riesenback DJ Emcee Cincinnati

Dwaine Lunaman

Dwaine Luna, known professionally as Lunaman,      is an on-air radio personality on Cincinnati    

       radio stations WGRR and The Fox. 

        Lunaman has the experience of thousands           of private events, weddings, mitzvahs. His            smile is ever present and his passion for               entertainment makes him a great DJ. 

On Air Radio Personality

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