Wedding Ceremony Music


Whether it’s a country wedding or a beach wedding, music is a must. The sweet, beautiful music sets the mood and tone of the wedding and makes it magical. But choosing the right kind of music for your wedding can be a very daunting task.


There are several typical wedding music elements on individual parts for a  wedding ceremony,  however, your wedding music can be entirely unique. Remember, this is your day, you can style the music to fit your taste and theme.

Showstoppers specialize in wedding ceremony music in Ohio. We offer customized wedding music services for all types of wedding ceremonies.

Live Music for Your Wedding

Nothing compares to the beauty of live music when it comes to wedding.

We represent the most talented and professional musicians, singers and artists to make

your wedding a huge success.


Our musicians specialize in live music and will create the most fantastic list of music for your wedding ceremonies.

The Wedding Music of Your Choice

No matter what kind of wedding you are having, our wedding ceremony music in

Ohio package can accommodate any kind of requirement. You select the songs you would like to hear.


We can also accommodate all kinds of budget wedding ceremonies.


We service people from all communities and will provide a very

personalized wedding music for the ceremonies.

Music in the wedding actually sets the mood and depending on the kind of

theme you are going for, our talented musicians will play the music of

your choice for occasions like:

  • Prelude music as guests enter and find their seats.

  • The Processional beginning with grandparents, then parents.

  • The bridesmaid processional.

  • The bride entrance.

  • The wedding ceremony itself, perhaps a unity candle or a moment of reflection.

  • The Recessional as the bridal party exits.

Our talented musicians are experts in all kinds of music and can play a number of instruments expertly. If you have any specific requirements , just name it and Showstoppers can make it happen.

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best Wedding Ceremony Music in Ohio and Northern KY.